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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Vs. Card - Aqualad

sgAnother beautiful card for the Vs. game, this time featuring Aqualad, rendered by master illustrator Kevin Nowlan!

As I've mentioned before, all these cards were given to me by my pal John McLaren at my favorite comics store,
All Things Fun. I owe John a lot, since I would normally have no way of discovering these, and I'd be missing out on all these nice Aqua-illustrations!


Anonymous said...

Niiice! So is this going to be Aqualad Week, because his birthday is on Tuesday (March 6)? Or was today's item just a happy coincidence?

rob! said...

d'oh! i almost forgot Garth's b day.

i dont think i have enough stuff to do a theme week, but i will def post something Aqualad on 3/6!

thanks for reminding me russell!