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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pencil Case - 1974


This is where all the trouble started.

Today is another anniversary--it was eight years ago today that, while bored at work (hi, Koen Book Distributors!), I decided to sign up for this thing I had heard about, ebay.

A few months earlier I had gotten nostalgic for one of the most beloved items from my childhood--my Aquaman pencil case. I had it, loved it, and now I wondered if this "ebay" thing might help me find one.

Well, a few minutes later, I had found about a dozen of them. The wonder of ebay was now upon me, and its grip on me would only grow, as this site--and my bank statements--reveal. Anyway, I found one, won the auction, and few days later it arrived.

The seller was a nice guy named Rob Tullo who not only provided me with my beloved pencil case, but threw in--gratis--an Aquaman tray puzzle! I was thrilled and touched by this stranger's generosity. Little did he know he was starting me down a path that threatens to empty my bank account at every turn.

Of course, no one's making me buy this stuff but myself, so it seems weirdly appropriate my first ebay seller was a guy named Rob.


Plaidstallions said...

That brings back happy memories, my parents let me go into a stationary store and pick out something, it was loaded with those pencil cases and other cool hero merch.

I picked out a Batman Pencil Sharpener, but I remember that Aquaman pencil case was a close second.

Anonymous said...

Attention Mr. site author, sir.

Assuming you don't already know, it may interest you to find out that the first(!) Aquaman volume in DC's Showcase Presents series came out last month.


The incredibly sweet cover you see is slightly altered in the flesh but still very attractive.

a sympathizer

Anonymous said...

If your not using that to carry your art supplies when you meet with clients your crazy! That is great! Awesome story as well.

rob! said...

>>f your not using that to carry your art supplies when you meet with clients your crazy!<<

hard to fit my iMac in there!

Unknown said...

Hi, I fondly remember an Aquaman folder with this very same picture I used when I was a kid. There anyone with a picture of it? Thanks

Tony said...

I can't believe this! That is the very same pencil case that I had in second grade. Thats where my love for Aquaman got started! This is so cool!