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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Color Transfer - 1996


I found a giant book of DC Comics character transfers on ebay, and the seller mentioned Aquaman being contained in the book. Having been burned by such descriptions before, I was a little hesitant to buy this, but the price was very low so I figured I'd take the risk.

Indeed, this book did feature Aquaman on some of the transfers, even if he is in his BLL. The book is over two hundred pages long and more than half of that is devoted to Batman: The Animated Series art, but near the end of the book some of the other DC heroes are featured, like Hawkman, Atom, and the Kyle Rainer Green Lantern.

This is the only color transfer of the bunch; the art is not credited to anyone but it's obviously an approximation of the B:TAS style that was so hot at the time. The other black and white ones will surface sometime down the line...


Scurvy said...

BLL yes, but at least he looks happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is kinda cute. Do you have the coloring books from that era as well? Aquaman was featured in a few of them I have. BTW, what IS a "color transfer"??

rob! said...

no, i dont have any of the coloring books...need to look for those eventually.

basically its a book of iron-on transfers, very old school, "Mom do this for me" kind of stuff.