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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Aqualad Week - Continued!


Thanks to the generous contributions of F.O.A.M. member Russell Burbage, we can continue Aqualad Week with some gorgeous Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez stock art featuring Aqualad and the rest of the Aqua-Family! Not sure what this piece was/would've been used for, but it sure is nice lookin'!


A few weeks ago I posted this Aquaman soda can that hailed from Saudi Arabia. Not being able to read it, I had no idea what the back of the can said (perhaps "Behold--the greatest superhero of all time!").

I was requested to post better pics of both sides of the can, since perhaps some intrepid Aquaman fan might be able to translate and solve this Aqua-Mystery! So here they are!


Anonymous said...

My wife says it reads:

"Orange Miranda"

I assume the name of the drink brand is Miranda and the flavor would be orange. I wonder if other DC heroes had different flavors.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Wil Radcliffe

rob! said...


i was hoping you'd see this, after leaving a comment the last time.


Anonymous said...

Weird...I just did some ad work for a product called "Mirinda" that is coming over from asia and is trying to make it in the states.

No Aquaman on the stuff I did though :(

Anonymous said...

"Miranda" was also the name of an orange soda-pop drink on sale in Japan. I never saw anything with Aquaman on it, though...or any of the Super Friends, for that matter.

Ghassan Lafi said...

It is read as follows:

Trade Mark

Net Weight
296 ML

And on the other side as follows:


ALGATTAS : means The Diving Man

Wish this would solve the mystery:)

Anonymous said...

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