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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

7-11 Slurpee Cup - 1973

sg...and immortalized in 2000!

That's because, as cool as a Aquaman Slurpee Cup normally is*, this one is extra cool because it was signed by legendary Aquaman scribe Steve Skeates! A friend of mine attended a comicon that Mr.Skeates happened to be at, and he brilliantly thought Rob's birthday present.

My love of Steve's Aquaman run (issues 40-56 of the original series) knows no bounds--to me, they still stand, thirty-five years later, as the Greatest Aquaman Stories Ever Told, and it's criminal that DC has never reprinted them as a complete run. They were funny, unusual, full of adventure, and even had a healthy dose of Relevance, superbly illustrated by the incomparable Jim Aparo under the supervision of editor ne plus ultra Dick Giordano (later known as the unbeatable team "SAG"!).

What could be cooler than this, you ask? Well, on Thurday 3/15 we will present a brand-new interview with Mr. Skeates, done especially for the Shrine! Steve really went to town and I'm happy to report he is just as quick and funny as his comic stories were. As they used to say in comics before everyone stopped worrying about accurate ship dates, be there--it's a date!

*which is very, very cool


Anonymous said...

WOW! That about says it all....!

Tegan said...

Oh excellent! I'm glad you got ahold of him. He's a really cool guy, isn't he?

rob! said...

Steve was awesome to deal with. I'm prepping the interview now and it was just such a thrill to get to talk to him.