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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Vs. Game Card - Aquaman

sgMy buddy John at All Things Fun graciously handed me a pile of Aquaman-related Vs. game cards when I was in last. In return, I bestow upon him the title of official F.O.A.M. member--congrats John! Membership dues expected by the first of the month.

I admit--I have no idea what Vs. is, exactly, other than a playing-card game. All those different numbers on the card frighten me, actually, since I don't understand them. Ah, these kids today...

Even though Arthur is in his BLL (do you know the secret Aquaman code I just used? Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!), it's still a nice-looking painting, truth be told. One of the things I am impressed by is the varied art styles Vs. uses on its cards, and we'll see other examples as we go on...

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