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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kids' Pajamas - 1970s

sgCourtesy newest F.O.A.M. member Brian Heiler (one of the geniuses behind the Mego Museum) comes a catalog shot of Aquaman pajamas, featuring the classic Aquaman Stock Art.

Normally I wouldn't post anything here I myself don't own (except when I do my "Wish List" theme weeks), but I've decided to expand the horizons of the Shrine a bit to highlight all the Aquaman merch that's out there (plus other fun stuff). So thanks Brian!

So there are Aquaman underoos, pajamas, boxer shorts, t-shirts, and hats--you've got the makings of one completely insane


Anonymous said...

ARE there boxer shorts out there? I have never seen or heard of these! Tell me more, please!

rob! said...

yep, ive seen 'em on ebay. theyre made by the same company that's producing all these Aquaman t-shirts you see there nowdays--i think its all Garcia-Lopez stock art stuff (still nice tho!)

nothing vintage, unfortunately. :)

Peter said...

There were also some pajamas, or "Men's lounge pants" at Target stores with a repeating pattern of Aquaman logos and swimming Aquamen, just before the holidays. They also had Flash jammies. The label tag says "DC Originals" -- same branding as the baseball cap in comic stores right now.