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Thursday, February 08, 2007

DC Comics 1977 Calendar

sgCourtesy newest F.O.A.M. member Vincent Bartilucci, and hot on the fins of the 1976 DC Comics Calendar, comes Aquaman's 1977 entry, this time courtesy of my all-time favorite Aqua-artist, Jim Aparo!

And you know, I think this piece even outdoes Neal Adams' one from last year, no easy trick. Just look at this thing! The sensational layout, design, use of color, and depth of field--if this had ever made it onto a comic book cover, it would've been DC's strongest-selling issue that month--I would've defied any self-respecting comic book superhero reader not to pick up a book emblazoned with this image.

And as a nice bonus, the June calendar dates come with pics and fun-facts on some of Aquaman's most fearsome villains, like (from left) Ocean Master, The Fisherman, Karshon (a relatively forgettable bad guy, but who was in a storyline in Adventure Comics at that moment), and the Scavenger, plus some memorable moments from Aquaman's life! Great Barrier Reef, this thing's awesome!

Thanks so much to Vincent for sending it the Shrine's way!


Tegan said...

Oooh, I need to get me a copy of that one. Or at least some high quality scans.

Anonymous said...

The casual observer may not be able to tell what is going on here, but that is Aquaman actually swimming UP Niagara Falls!! How awesome is that??? When I was a kid and saw this, I thought, How strong must you be in order to do this?! Don't tell ME Aquaman isn't strong enough to hold his own against the average super-villain!