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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Comic Book Foldees - 1966

sgI've seen these things on ebay from time to time, and when an Aquaman one popped up I of course grabbed it (I also enjoy the pics of the other JLAers...you rarely see Martian Manhunter merchandising!).

I'm not exactly sure what you do with these--they have different pictures and phrases on each side, so I guess you fold the sheet, origami-style, so the pictures and headlines match up...in wacky ways! Kids were a lot more easily entertained in the sixties, apparently.

The headlines on the back are "Beautiful Starlet Marries State Senator" and "Ugly Monster Scares Thousands". So, as a free service from the Shrine, I now give you all the possible combinations:

The Aqua Man Scares Thousands
The Aqua Man Marries State Senator
Beautiful Starlet Scares Thousands
Beautiful Starlet Saves City From Flood
Scary Monster Saves City From Flood
Scary Monster Marries State Senator

...there, wasn't that fun?

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