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Monday, January 01, 2007

Sketch Week: Prologue

sgHappy New Year!

I thought we'd kick off '07 with something I'm really excited about: showcasing some of the original Aquaman sketches I've gotten from various comic book artists over the years.

The first two sketches I got will appear tomorrow. When I got them, I didn't have any book or anything, they were done on paper suppiled by the artists. After that, though, I enjoyed having them and decided to start getting more. To that end, I bought a sketch book (at left) and covered it front and back with great moments of Aquaman, partly becuase I thought it looked cool, but also to provide visual reference for any artists who might not be totally sure what Aquaman or his supporting cast looks like.

And while I love Aquaman, of course, I wanted these prospective artists to know I'm not taking any of this too seriously. So on the front of the book I added this panel from an old issue of Toyfare, which is not only very funny, but let people know where I was coming from.

I've collected sixteen sketches so far, so I'll be doing more than one Sketch Week in the future. But starting tomorrow, I'll be rolling out the first six. Be here--it'll be fun!

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Tegan said...

Ah, sketches! The most fun I get out of conventions! I'm looking forward to seeing your collection. I need to post the rest of mine.