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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sketch Week, Part 6: Mike Norton - May 2000

sgHoping I could squeeze one more sketch into my New Orleans con experience, I asked Mike Norton, who was then drawing a sublime indie comic called The Waiting Place. I had met him through other friends, and he was an extremely nice guy in doing a sketch for me.

As you can see, Mike tried a slightly different take on Aquaman, which is utterly charming (and wonderfully designed, to boot). When you think about it--what could Aquaman ask a goldfish to do, really?

So, all told, I managed to secure four sketches at one con, a record. Apparently "Big Easy Con" was not a huge financial success (there's never been another one there, and now of course odds are there never will be), so its sparse attendance really ended up working in my favor.

We wrap up our first (but not last) Sketch Week tomorrow!

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