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Saturday, January 27, 2007

EW's Obsessive Fan of the Week - 2/2/07


I have never been more proud! I knew this was coming in this week's Entertainment Weekly; when my mail arrived I braved the cold and ran to my mailbox, the mail truck barely in the distance.

Here was the original email I sent:
Dear EW- As the #1 Aquaman Fan In The World, I wanted to thank you for the extensive coverage the unaired Aquaman pilot received in your pages over 2006. It's a real shame the CW could not figure out that a show people would pay money for is one they would probably watch for free.

What makes me the #1 AFITW, you ask? Well, not only to do I have an online blog
called The Aquaman Shrine, but would anyone who WASN'T allow himself to be photographed like this? I think not!

If I'm honest with myself, I would say Laura, she of the Unofficial Aquaman Website, is probably Arthur's #1 fan--she's been at this game way longer than I, and it was her site that partly inspired me to do this blog. But I didn't think EW would be all that excited about an email from "The #2 Aquaman Fan in the World" (sorry, Laura).

...doesn't DC owe me something for all this press attention I keep getting one of their characters?


Tegan said...

Hmmmm. I think I forgive you. As long as I get to be a F.O.A.M. member. I still want that plush Aquaman from The Toy Factory.

Anonymous said...


This is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever seen.

You, Mister Robert Kelly, are a ROCK STAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the effort and dedication.
With the help of Tegan you have made a difference in this world.
You and Tegan should be damn proud.

Hoping that this will lead to new young Aquaman fans being born.

Dixon said...

Congratulations, Rob! Not only have you granted Aquaman still further national attention, but the article allows you to become an artifact in your own shrine!

ds said...

congrats! *applause*

Anonymous said...

How funny to open EW this morning and see you there with the same hat I had just put on my head!

Congrats! It is a great nod to you, as well as to all the Aquaman-fans out there!


RedheadFangirl said...

Groovy! It was cool to see my EW this week with yet another Jersey comic fan! If you ever check out my blog, you'll see I am proud to be an Aquaman fan -- particularly because I've always loved Mera (redhead!) I was just about to send my own Mary Jane obsessive fan blurb- think another comic character has a chance?

You could come out to my MidJersey Comicon too- in Bordentown, NJ!

Redhead Fangirl

ShoreTurtle said...

Congratulations on yuor OFOTW title!

Doug Slack said...

If this kind of media attention doesn't get the TV show picked up, I don't know what will.

Rev. O.J. Flow said...

Thanks for taking one for the team!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey rob! I like the site, but i still say NAMOR is way cooler as fish-related super heroes go. (let's see: Namor was technically the first mutant in marvel history though he is somehow younger than Apocalypse, who is a mutant; his name, N-A-M-O-R is "Roman" spelled backwards - nice touch there, Stan - and he has in his history as a hero/anti-hero sorta-villain, beaten up the incredible hulk and the fantasic four.)
however, i will cede out of respect for your site and the goofiness of all heroes that Namor's current underwater outfit is a black leather jacket... (that makes sense, how?)...and a black leather man-thong-thing. he's all like "eww look at me, i'm so bad ass" when really he's just a big poser. Namor, i mean. so at least Aquaman's uinform kinda makes sense, even if it is well, orange. and scaly.

one last thing: the only truly bad ass incarnation of Aquaman i have ever seen is the Cartoon Network version of him, with like battle armor and a harpoon hand. he never smiled, like batman of the ocean, all creepy and mean. sure that animated JLA show is for kids, but you can't knock the concept!

anyway, cool site, and maybe...cool character, too? NAH! lol

seeya at work, buddy

Matt R