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Monday, January 29, 2007

DC Comics 1976 Calendar

sgIt's January 29! Did you know that today is Aquaman's birthday? No, neither did I!

That's according to the 1976 Super DC Comics Calendar, an item that I've wanted to get for a while but have yet to acquire.

After seeing my now-infamous photo in Entertainment Weekly, F.O.A.M. member Russell Burbage generously emailed me some images from the calendar, including Aquaman's solo shot (with awesome art by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano) plus the dates for January, which lists Arthur's big day as the 29th, and Mera's as the 31st!

That of course makes him an Aquarius, which I guess is appropriate, though Pisces mighta been better...

To celebrate, everybody read an Aquaman comic today (one of the good ones)! And many thanks to Russell for the timely scans!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Rob! You know, Aquaman's birthday today DOES make him an Aquarius, but Aqualad's birthday is supposedly March 6, which makes HIM a Pisces. LOL!

rob! said...

i'll have to post an Aqualad-related piece on 3/6!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I love the shrine even though I curse you at least thrice a week for displaying a piece of Aqua-memorabilia I don’t own! Just a quick question, do you need a scan of the 1977 DC Calendar Aqua-page? The Neal Adams ’76 piece is really nice but the ’77 piece has Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad, and Black Manta and his Manta Ship all about to go over Niagara Falls! And it’s by your fav’ and mine Jim Aparo! I can scan it and send it along this weekend if you’d like.

Also, if you find yourself in a bidding war on a Mera Super Queen someday on eBay with someone named “stormnimp” that’s me. And no, I can’t afford it either!

Finally, when I get my COMICARTFANS Gallery set up I’ll send you a link. I collect commissions and published pages featuring, you guessed it, Aquaman. My two prize possessions are an Aparo commission featuring Aquaman, Batman, and a water-logged Joker and the original art to the Weather Wizard cover of Adventure Comics signed by the great man himself. I even got to shake his hand and tell him that he was the greatest.

Take care. And remember whenever anyone is putting Aquaman down, that it was Superman, not our boy Artie, who was the real wuss of the Superfriends. Everytime Kryptonite appeared Supes'd whine like a little baby. Some hero!

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

rob! said...


thanks for the kind words about the site, even the stuff about cursing me!

yes, i would LOVE to get a scan of the 1977 aquaman page--aquaman and manta, by aparo? that sounds awesome!!

ColorWerx said...

I was a 13-year-old kid in 1976 when I bought that calendar. Not only was I a HUGE Neal Adams fan - and always looking for examples of Aquaman being depicted by that great artist. Not always easy to find.

More amazing to me (on a personal note), was the revelation that Aquaman and I apparently shared the same birthday - January 29!