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Friday, December 01, 2006

George Perez Postcard - 1984

sgI picked up this sweet postcard at a great toy store called Toyrareum in Ocean City, NJ (it has since closed down--*sniff*).

I was friends with the owner (Tom), and he knew of my Aquaman obsession. After picking up a few things, he handed this to me, and gave it to me for free. Score!

He told me that he was at some sort of toy show earlier in the week, and another dealer he was friends with had a pile of stuff he couldn't sell. Tom noticed the Aquaman postcard, and said "I know I can move this." And he was right.

This was part of a line of JLA postcards by Perez. I have yet to see any of the others, but I bet they're as sweet as this one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, I picked up two Perez postcards from that same series a few years agon on Ebay: Green Arrow and Black Canary. It was definitely a cool series. I'd love to see them all. The Aquaman one certainly rocks.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just found a site that has thumbnails of the entire series of George Perez postcards: http://vu.morrissey-solo.com/moz/perez/info/jla-postcards.htm