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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dear Santa Week, Part 6: Ingersoll Pocket Watch

sgNow this was a weird one.

I came across this genuine, 1960s-era pocket watch, made by an English company called Ingersoll. At first, I thought it was like a of items you find on ebay--home-made stuff that the seller either purposely doesn't, or doesn't think to,
mention that it isn't "official" merchandise.

But I was convinced of its authenticity when I noticed the rather unusual shot of Aquaman on the watch--I remembered its from a cover to a British DC collection called SuperAdventure (which reprinted various DC stories, and will be up here eventually) and was obviously drawn by someone other than a DC freelancer. So I knew it was authentically vintage.

I had planned to bid very, very high for this, and I did, but in the end the auction went to about twice what I was expecting, and I lost. That happens to me rarely--rarely--but when I saw the price sail past the $350.00 mark all I could do was sigh, then do a screen-grab since I don't know when I'll ever see this thing again.

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