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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Aquaman "Trucker" Hat - 2006

sgI had never even heard of or seen this fine piece from DC Direct until my buddy and fellow ex-Kubert School Graduate Sean Tiffany sent it to me for Xmas. What a pal! It arrived today in a box of other goodies and I felt the best way to honor the gift was to post it on the site ASAP.

Sean has been instrumental in helping this blog along, from being excited about the idea when I first mentioned it to frequently commenting on my daily madness. Sean and I first met moving into the ready-to-be-condemned "Clinton House" just before first year at Kubert. I doubt either one of us would've guessed we'd still be friends seventeen years later, and both be doing the freelance-artist thing, too. Thanks again, Sean, and Merry Christmas.

About the hat itself--the distressed look is built-in, and the hat uses a fine piece of promo/stock art by ever-awesome Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. When I look at this thing, I feel like popping some methamphedemines, jumping into my rig, and hitting the open road.

Keep on truckin'...er, swimmin'!


Anonymous said...

Seventeen years....geez...that means in less than a year we'll have known each other for half of our lives!

Glad you liked the hat. I love that pre-distressed look!

Plaidstallions said...

Weird, I'm wearing my distressed Aquaman t as I read this. OK it's not that weird.....

Anonymous said...

Hi, where can you buy this online? Thanks :)

Damian said...

You mean, "Keep on strokin!"