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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sea Sled - 1973

sgBehold the awesomeness that is--The Aquaman Sea Sled!

Actually, it's not all that awesome--odds are, some toy manufacturer (in this case, H-G Toys of Rockaway, NY) had a bunch of plastic sea sleds lying around, eating up overhead, and they noticed that this new Super Friends show was pretty popular with kids.

"Don't they have some water guy on that show? The Sub-Mariner or something?" I can hear them saying.

A few calls later, DC is special-delivering some stock art to go with the label they're going to slap on this puppy. A Neal Adams' Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, an Infantino Robin, and (I think) an Andru/Esposito Wonder Woman are pasted up, the Aquaman stock art piece is traced over by some guy back in shipping who has the shakes from laying off the hooch (he's trying so hard, really he is), and...Bang! An official Aquaman Sea Sled!

One of the more beautifully odd toys in the collection; though sadly this sled will not work for someone around 200lbs. I found that out the hard way.

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