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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Revenge of the Super Foes - 1977

sgThis is a full-color, long-form (72 pages!) children's book accompanied by comic-book style illustrations. The Super Friends take on, you guessed it, The Super Foes, who consist of The Penguin, The Toyman, Poison Ivy, The Cheetah, and (*chortle*) The Human Flying Fish. This line-up of bad guys is not quite the most fearsome possible. I'd say any group that features The Penguin and The Human Flying Fish is one that has exceeded its silly super-villain quotient.

The art and story is uncredited, and I don't recognize the style, save for the cover, which looks very Kurt Schaffenberger to me. Geez, how short is Wendy, anyway?

Anyway, each of the Super Friends gets their own few moments to shine, and in the Aquaman sequence, the writer really gave Arthur an impressive display of power. While chasing after the
(*chortle*) Human Flying Fish, who's in a yacht (?), Aquaman simply swims under it, and flips it over with his gloved hands! This awesome feat of super-strength is given its own full-page, and while it's fairly crudely drawn, the sheer impressiveness of the act is something not utilized all that much in actual Aquaman comics.

The story ends, as you might expect, with our Super Friends defeating the Super Foes. But after that, we're treated to a few pages where they sit down for a Thanksigiving Dinner together! Aquaman's contribution to the meal?

"And we have some fine plant seafood. Naturally, what we have here is not one of my finny friends. I don't eat pals."

Hey, Aquaman's a vegetarian, too. Cool! Maybe he and I could go shopping together at Whole Foods!


Anonymous said...

"Geez, how short is Wendy, anyway?"

To me, Wendy being that short is obviously some scared art director or legal department saying "God forbid these kids get a gander at Superman's package! Hide it somehow...I know...put Wendy's head right in front of it...that will work!"

Sheer brillance from the legal guys once again!

Plaidstallions said...

i have this book in both english and french for some odd reason (it was tough hashing out the story to my kids before buying the english one)

My favourite part is Robin hitting the penguin with his shoe.

Anonymous said...

I remember that in some issue of the Super Friends comic E. Nelson Bridwell admitted he wrote the story.