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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Justice League Paperweight/Statuette/Bookend Thingy - 2005

sgPart of a line (as always) of Justice League...er, thingies, this unfortunately portrays Arthur in his Bedraggled Loser look (why, oh why, Bruce Timm?), but I guess it's better than nothing. On the glass-is-half-full side, I guess this is about as good as Aquaman can look in this style.

Funny thing about these, is that according to the fine folks at All Things Fun, the Aquamans always came with the harpoon end-piece broken off. They sent back two of them to DC, each with the same problem, until DC finally gave up and said "keep the broken ones, they're on us." (interesting how none of the Batmans were broken, even though he has just-as-pointy ears...I smell a conspiracy) So they ended up passing the savings on to me, and I got this for nothing!

I took it home and patiently glued the piece back on, and it seemed to work. Only now looking at the photo I took do I notice the piece has come off somewhere down the line...


1 comment:

Tegan said...

I have three of them. All three arrived broken, and the retailer gave them to me at a deep discount. A friend repaired two of them, and the other one is still in package, broken.