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Friday, November 17, 2006

DC Superheroes Action Figure by Toybiz - Extra-Lame Variant

sgIn their everlasting Committment to Quality, Toy Biz produced a gross of Aquamans with all-green arms. Like this figure wasn't bad enough already.

It's hardly a mistake in the league of that upside-down postage stamp, but still. "Ah, who cares? Kids don't like Aquaman, anyway! Who's gonna notice? Shut up and make more Batmans!"


Anonymous said...

My favorite thing is, instead of turning your back on a figure you hate of a character you love, you still embrace him and buy him and love him.


rob! said...

such is my curse.

RmrJmrGrl said...

My son wants to be Aquaman for Halloween! I'm searching for a costume with not much luck. I guess I'll have to get one made for him. But I wanted you to know that some boys out there love Aquaman too! He is four and loves the reruns on Boomerang. I can't wait to show him your blog.


rob! said...


thanks for checking out the shrine, always happy to hear about young Aquaman fans! we've got to start building the next generation of AquaFan!

i, too, want to go as AM for Halloween(yeah, for Halloween...), but AM costumes are nearly impossible to find. good luck!!