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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Olympic Diving Pin

sgI got this at the San Diego Comicon several years ago, and it's probably my favorite piece of merchandise with this Aquaman.

Not only is just nicely designed, but the idea of tying superheroes to various events (I remember seeing a Green Arrow/Archery one at the same booth) is inspired. And as far as I can see, this is official Olympic merchandise--"Well, there's no medal for fourth place, but we do have something for you..."

I just wish it had featured, y'know, the real Aquaman.


Tegan said...

No, not official Olympic merchandise. It was official United States Swim Team merchandise, which helped raise money to get them to the Olympics. I got a set of them from the Swim Team when they first went on sale. There were two Aquaman pins. The other one was for... um... water polo.

rob! said...

OH! duh. thanks for setting me straight!