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Monday, October 23, 2006

TPI Animated Show Trade Program - 1970

sgI thought I'd start this week off with something really unique. This is a four-page trade ad, produced by Television Programs International (whoever they are), I'm guessing to promote the Filmation Batman, Superman, and Aquaman cartoon shows to local TV stations.

On the front is a nice image of the guys (with art by, I'm guessing, Murphy Anderson), the centerspread is a nice summation of each show and its set of characters. Aquaman is referred to as "Science-Fiction's King of the 7 Seas", and they have a "third companion [who] is an entertaining comedian...a walrus named Tusky." (and I thought it was maybe Don Rickles)

But the really interesting stuff is on the back, where it lists each show's ratings. It says that both the Superman and Batman shows, of course, had higher ratings every month than Aquaman. Superman started off in Sept.1966 with a 12.0, Batman with a 10.9, and Aquaman with a 7.2. But...as time passed, both Supes and Bats lost viewers, ending the time period evaluated with a 10.9 and 6.5, respectively. Aquman, though, who started with a 7.2, actually went up, all the way to 9.5! So the Aquaman show actually got more popular as time went on!

These ratings reinforce a feeling I've had about Aquaman for a long time, and that's that he has a very loyal fanbase. It's of course not as massive as that of Superman or Batman (or even Wonder Woman), but it is very, very loyal (considering all the knocks one takes for being a fan, I guess you'd have to be). And these numbers help back that up. Yay Aquaman!

I found this little beauty on ebay, and it is already one of my favorite items of the collection.


Tegan said...

OOoh, bigger scan? So I can read the Aquaman bit?

rob! said...

here it is, it's a beauty:



Tegan said...

Thanks Much! That is a great piece!