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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Six Flags Glass - 1997

sgI'm disappointed that this version of Aquaman ever made it into merchandising. I think one of the things that keeps characters consistently visible to non-comic-book fans is their visual consistency. Superman always looks like Superman, and a kid who has never seen a comic book in his life knows who he is. Aquaman has a hard enough climb, having him in his bedraggled-loser look on merchandising doesn't help.

*Deep breath.* Trying to stay positive.

Anyway, this glass was available--along with other DC characters, of course--at Great Adventure/Six Flags amusuement parks, amid other merchandise (to come). It's made of hard plastic, so it'll probably stay in one piece, even if you throw it at a wall in disgust that this was what Aquaman once looked like.


Chris said...

I actually had the Flash and Green Lantern glasses (did you get those for me?) and I seem to remember the artwork chipping off rather quickly after a few washings. Which is too bad, as they were excellent drinking cups.

I have a coffee mug with all of that era's JL on it, and I believe they used the exact same art as the various Six Flags glasses.

rob! said...

i think i might have gotten you those, yes. how foolish of you to think you could use drinking cups AS DRINKING CUPS! what were you thinking???

Aaron said...

LOL! just LOL.