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Friday, October 27, 2006

Gulliver Brazilian Figurine - 1980s

sgProviding minutes of fun, this is a Brazilian action figure (and I use that term loosely), made by the Gulliver company sometime in the 80s. One piece, one color, no distinctive features.

And yet I bought it. Being an Aquaman fan is sometimes a long, hard road.


Anonymous said...

Yet, if you bought like 10,000 of those little suckers and put them all around your art desk it would either look like they were worshipping you or doing a mini Aquaman wave.

Either would be awesome!

ds said...

it would ruin his value but you could detail the little guy. dress him like tim robbins at the end of shawshank.

rob! said...

these are all good ideas! i can't believe my lack of imagination.

ok, its no longer MINUTES of fun, it's DOZENS of minutes of fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Just happened upon your site. I'm a big Aquaman fan as well (the classic version) and I've bought and sold superhero collectibles for 20 years. I have a few things to send you photos of for your collection including some cool custom stuff as well. I need to correct you on one thing though - this figure is NOT made by Gulliver. I know the guys selling them on ebay claim that, but it's not true. They originally came out in Italy and were handpainted. Then they came out in Brazil in solid colors a few years later. But they were snack premiums and not made by Gulliver. email me and I'll send you a bunch of other stuff. radioscooter@yahoo.com

Genjoke said...

I was about to say that. This is not a Gulliver static figure, it was a give away from Pepsi Co. as i remember it. I have a few of them and I had one set painted ➔ http://www.malaquiasbr.com/blog/?p=28