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Friday, October 13, 2006

Aquaman Portfolio - 1975

sgI would've loved to have had this as a kid, though I don't know if I would've had the requisite guts to parade around school with it. Shy kids like me were pretty easy pickins' for bullies, so carrying around a big orange-and-green "kick me" sign would not have helped.

Luckily, I'm all over that now (hollow laugh), and I can not only own one of these things, I can put it on a website and be proud! The times, as a great man once said, are a-changin'.

This was part of a Super Friends line of school supplies--according to the graphics on the inside, there were also Shazam!, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Joker ones (FBI take note: track down any kid who had a Joker portfolio). There were also matching spiral notebooks, too--I have yet to come across one of those (dammit).

Nice art on the front--not sure by who, but the drawing and the abstract "ocean" are sweet.

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Chris said...

They also did pencil pouches too, as I had a Superman one and a Shazam one.