Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mera Paper Doll - 2008

Not too long after I posted a newly bought Aquaman Paper Doll then a companion for Arthur showed up, a Mera Paper Doll!

Like I did the first time, I snatched this up as soon as I could, and it's just as cool and weird and idiosyncratic as Aquaman. I'm particularly impressed by the wavy pattern on Mera's jumpsuit, perfectly reproduced.

As I told the mad genius behind these paper dolls, if they ever make an Aqualad or a Black Manta, they've got a guaranteed sale.


  1. No fins? Seems like a natural...

  2. That is pretty kick ass. Now if he would just do Green Arrow and Black Canary...

  3. Hey Rob!

    I'm curious, are these coming to you flat and you have to put together, or are they being sent assembled?

    I have done a couple of paper toy designs in my time, and I like to see the flat layouts as well.

  4. no, they come assembled and ready to go!

    i really love them, i hope they make every member of the aqua family.